Sell on igoforlocal

Becoming a Vendor and selling on igoforlocal is simple and FREE.

The benefits you get with igoforlocal:

  • FREE User Registration
  • FREE Vendor registration
  • FREE Product uploads
  • FREE Delivery – We’ll do the delivery so that you don’t have to and that too at no extra cost
  • UNLIMITED number of Products upload


We understands the difficulty small home based businesses face in creating the product, making it ready for sale, take it to the market, do the marketing and then actually delivering the product to the customer’s home.

To make your life easy, we let you focus on doing what you are best at. That is, creating the product, leaving the rest to us. The process is simple as explained below:

  1. Register and Setup Online Store
  • Register as a User on igoforlocal by using the referral link or by clicking and update your contact details.
  • Apply to be a Vendor by clicking ‘Vendor Registration’.
  • We’ll get in touch with you to approve your application.
  1. Upload Products
  • Log in to Vendor Dashboard
  • Start setting up your store and upload your products. Your products will be published on approval.
  • Manage your products through Vendor Dashboard
  1. Receive Orders & Schedule a pickup
  • You will receive the order mail once the customer purchases your product on igoforlocal.
  • We will pick up the order from your door and deliver it to the customer.
  • Receive hassle-free payments in your account once your orders are fulfilled.