Igoforlocal is Australia’s Own eCommerce Marketplace for Local Small Businesses – ‘Connecting Local Businesses With Local People’

It is for people from our neighborhood:

  • who may not be professionals – do part time business or as a hobby
  • without any physical or online shop or secure online transaction capability
  • can’t deliver to customer’s house thus losing far off customers
  • without supply chain to follow up on Facebook leads
  • who find difficulty selling some products on other big platforms due to:
    • limited quantity & resources
    • comparatively higher shipping and warehousing costs
    • being micro in nature competing with thousands of giant online suppliers
    • having low shelf life products


We can grow only if we help others to grow!
In your Success lies our Success

Our 'WHY'

The power is in the network, not in the product.’ – Robert Kiyosaki

That was The Eureka Moment and inception of the idea of igoforlocal when I read it sometime in July 2017.

The problem statement before that was – How can I make difference to the world before I leave it? A settled IT professional and emigrant in Australia can probably help a handful people or may be even a few hundred at best. But how can I touch lives of hundreds of thousands, if not millions? The goal was and still looks improbable. But Robert’s words showed the direction and thus started the journey.

I alone cannot make much of a difference but together we can. After a simple look around, I realized that there are thousands of small, micro and nano local businesses struggling for existence. They have huge untapped potential and creativity with a variety of hand-crafted and designer products made with passion.

The idea was to create a network of these local businesses using a platform, help them to grow by taking their products to local consumers, generate thousands of transactions and if we could give even 1% of that revenue to the underprivileged, we could go somewhere near that audacious goal.

The idea took some time to materialize and igoforlocal was launched in April 2019. And that was when we hadn’t even heard of COVID-19. Now thankfully people are realizing and acknowledging the struggles of small businesses and have started supporting local.

I invite you too to support them and GO FOR LOCAL!!!

Rahul Mantri