Referral Credits FAQs

Log in, go to ‘My Accounts’ on top of the page (near Cart button) and click ‘Referral’* To invite your friends, enter their email address and click ‘INVITE’ button.* In case you want to invite several friends, enter all email ids separated by comma and then click the ‘INVITE’ button.

Yes, there is a second way too. Just share your Referral Code displayed on the Referral page with your friends and ask them to enter it when they create their account for the first time.

Credits are the points that you get when you or your friends purchase some eligible products that pass on credits to you.

The number of points credited will vary from product to product and are subject to change. Also not all products pass on credits.

The Credit Points can only be used to purchase any product on Igoforlocal but cannot be encashed.

The Credit Points expire after 6 months from the day they were credited to your account, if not consumed before.

Referral Credits for Daily Tiffin FAQs

Points are credited up to 2 levels for Daily Tiffin.

Suppose customer A refers B, B refers C and C refers D. In case C purchases ‘Daily Tiffin – 7 day package – Veg’ (Tiffin), on completion of the order, A & B will get 2% each of the actual amount paid by C. Similarly, if D purchases Tiffin, on completion of the order, B & C will get 2% each of the actual amount paid by D.

This is not like any MLM schemes in the market where the initial product price is inflated, at the cost of customer, to pass commission to multiple levels. Here we are giving the credits to you without increasing the cost and as such we are limiting it to only 2 levels.