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Pen Ganesh Murti



  • Eco friendly Ganapati idols made of Natural Clay (Shadu Mati)
  • From the famous villages of Pen, Maharashtra



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Thalipeeth Bhajani 500gm
Chakali Bhajani 500gm
Upwas Bhajani 500gm
Amboli Flour 500gm
Saguti Wade Peethi 500gm
Modak Peethi 500gm
Anarse Peeth 250gm
Jwari Flour 1Kg
Rice Flour 1Kg
Wheat Flour 5Kg
Bajari Flour 1Kg
Nachani Flour 1Kg
Paushtik Bhakari Flour 500gm
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Dink Ladoo 250gm
Methi Ladoo 250gm
Aleev Ladoo 250gm
Paushtik Ladoo 250gm
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Kheer Mix


Post Natal Kheer Mix 200gm
Satu Flour 200gm
Nachani Flour 200gm
Infant Porridge Flour 200gm
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Chutney & Pickles


Lasoon Chutney 100gm
Flaxseed Chutney 100gm
Metkut 100gm
Mango Pickle 125gm
Chilly Pickle 125gm
Sweet Lemon Pickle 125gm
Lemon Pickle Mild Hot 125gm
Methamba 125gm
Sakharamba 125gm
Red Chilli Thecha 125gm
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Goda Masala 80gm
Loncha Masala 80gm
Kanda Lasoon Masala 80gm
Khandeshi Masala 80gm
Dal Tadka Masala 80gm
Magic Masala 80gm
Malvani Masala 80gm
Fish Fry Masala 80gm
Garam Masala 80gm
Chana Masala 80gm
Misal Masala 80gm
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Tension Relief


Tension Relief – provides for a calm and soothng relief when applied to the temples or back of the neck. Best use for Migraines and Headaches.

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PMS Relief


PMS Relief – an all Natural balm developed to relieve discomfort associated with menstruation. Apply and massage gently into the lower belly and back.

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